Alexis & Roger … a “delicious” San Francisco Engagement

Take a peek into a fun engagement session we had with Alexis and Roger.  It was a gorgeous day in San Francisco and we were thrilled to be shooting stills as well as fusion video with my good friend and colleague, Josh Rodriguez.  This happy couple will be celebrating their nuptials on July 30th also in San Francisco and they will be celebrating their reception at the ever so fabulous boutique-style Hotel Adagio! This fab session took place at the Legion of Honor, and San Francisco’s Beach Chalet, these locations mean a lot to the couple since it’s in the immediate area of where they met and frequented when dating.

There are so many celebrations herein and besides having two fabulous children, getting engaged, and planning a fabulous summer wedding in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Alexis also has a personal celebration and journey that I am proud to be a part of.  She’s a gorgeous woman indeed, and although there have been some challenges,  she has shed a near 70 pounds! Yes, 70!  She is still losing weight and I cannot wait to see her get into her dress on the wedding day.  I am sure it will be emotional,  exciting and a sight for sore eyes.  She has inspired me with my personal weight loss journey and I hope she can inspire, and touch some of you gals out there battling the “bulge.”

Many of you who follow my work, know too well, my passion of working and photographing BBW’s (big beautiful women), I see all the beauty, big or small…’s all about feeling better, and once you feel better you look better, and then again, looking and feeling better is key, wedding day or not.  Stay tuned to see more of this gorgeous gal and join me in congratulating Alexis and Roger on their recent engagement,  we’ll see you at the wedding!

bride and groom at Beach Chalet San Francisco