A day at BayPhoto w/Sal Cincotta

What a lucky gal I am to have been invited by Keith  of Lynd’s Photos along with about 19 other photographers to an exclusive workshop and specialized tour of our very own local print lab, BayPhoto! And while thrilled to meet Sal Cincotta, a Cinncinati-based wedding photographer and educator it got even better when they announced and encouraged to bring our gear and we would have shooting drills!

The first drill was 30-seconds long! I got 50% of it done, but noone has a shooting finger like Sal, it was a serious showdown and the entire class had a ball trying. It certainly feels like I have actually done this a few times in my career, especially when for instance, a client has a large bridal party and allow for only a small window of time. My worse ever, a wedding party of 20 and 5 minutes for formals at the alter, need I tell you the results? Well let’s just say we got as far as the bridal party and THAT WAS IT! Of course there are ways to deal with these type of situations, later in the day perhaps.

We had some great models (real husband and wife), and it was a lot of fun, shooting in the woods among the gorgeous redwoods right in the parking lot of BayPhoto oh and let me not forget the “poison oak!” Oh yes you heard right, right at my feet, thank God for sneakers!

I would like to thank BayPhoto and Sal and Taylor Cincotta for an awesome day that ended with meeting the man himself, Larry Arbitol as well as an awesome and dedicated team!

A special thank you to our lovely models and “real life” husband and wife Wedding Photography duo,  John and Michonne Kaemmerling of John K Photography





BpuwPsuCEAAdHlxMe with Larry Abitbol, BayPhoto President/Owner