I'm a San Francisco-based Photographer and Filmmaker, currently living in Richmond, California and available for destinations worldwide.

I love my cameras, but YOU are who inspires me....

Together, we will document beautiful moments that tell your story

Becoming a professional photographer was something I would have never imagined. My mother who was a photographer in Cuba was the first to put a camera in my hands! I have fond memories of my on the fly camera lessons and photographing mom on our trips, becoming the official yearbook photographer in school. as well as a young photo journalist in the San Francisco’s Mission District.


In 2007, two things changed significantly in my life, as a single mother of then a 17 year old high schooler, I married for the first time, my wedding photographs immediately changed the course of life and my then career as a San Francisco Police Dispatcher. From the day we received our wedding photographs from our photographer, I experienced, for the very first time how powerful instances were when captured in a photograph. These moments had such a profound affect on me that I knew then, and without hesitation that I longed to share this gift which was given to me.


I will forever feel humbled when I am invited to share significant milestones in peoples lives. My job is not to take my own breath away, i want to take your breath away with moments we will create together in your photographs and films. I would be honored to share this with you, your family and your future generations to come.


The 15th and 16th century painters all painted with light, and for this reason I regard them as the very first photographers. I am inspired by their vision, how they see light and how they captured it in their craft. I long to do the same.


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